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Is twitter a viable marketing tool? At first, around 6 months or so ago when I first ran across twitter, I thought it was simply a voyeuristic and potentially time slipping way to procrastinate from what I needed to do. Now I know it is, but it is also a lot more.

After my first logon I didn’t come back to twitter for a good 3 or 4 months. Now I’m logging on each day. As I started to use twitter the real value for marketers was obvious. Anybody currently using twitter already gets it. Anybody who doesn’t is missing a great opportunity to build social media credibility and credits.

The tweeters who have the most followers (see twitter’s top 100 tweeters at also have the most opportunity to influence the success of websites, applications, or anything they choose. They are the tipping points for the causes that they adopt. When Guy Kawasaki or Leo Laporte decide to promote an idea or link, they have a built in audience listening to them and following their lead. This becomes quite powerful for tweeters with a lot of followers. Kawasaki and Laporte already have pretty large audiences having been in the media for quite some time, however there are a number of tweeters who aren’t part of the traditional media, but are tweeting up a storm. Take local Phoenician Brian Shaler for example, he has over 8,000 followers. There is a pretty good chance that at any one time 10% (*Note: I made this number up but I think its probably realistic) or around 800 of his followers listening, so when Brian tweets, people listen. Just like E.F. Hutton.

One more thing to consider, as most tweeters are basically early adopters of pretty simple but cutting edge social networking it is very likely that they are also influencers within their social spheres. When they tweet about something they’re probably tweeting about it outside of twitter as well. They’re likely to blog about it, discuss it at the coffee shop, and distribute it with whatever means they use. They are the connectors, mavens, and salesmen that Gladwell talks about all rolled into one.

Now as a marketer, it’s pretty apparent how powerful this platform is. Imagine what you could do for your product, service, website, etc. if you manage to get the top tweeters discussing your offering? Imagine what you could do as you build up your own list of followers. Or, and maybe even more important, Robert Scoble (Scobelizer) suggests the question, imagine what you can learn if you follow a lot of people? You might see the inception of a trend, be one of the first to hear about a product launch, or maybe just have a better or at least more timely perspective on what is driving social media right now.

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