i’m tweeting now

I’m diving in to social networking toes first. I’m now tweeting and managing my LinkedIn profile pretty diligently. The big question is “what or where is the payoff?”

I get the payoff with LinkedIn as it is allowing me to reconnect with old friends from school and connections I’ve made in the past. It’s almost viral in nature and I find myself constantly remarking…”i totally forgot about that person!” That is the magic. It’s fun to reconnect with people from your past. Since putting effort into updating my profile I’ve also found that LinkedIn provides a great professional resource. I get emails from recruiters at least once a week. What is even more interesting is that when I LinkIn with the recruiter I also get a rare glimpse of my competition for a position because they’re LinkingIn with other candidates as well. It’s pretty transparent, and it’s really useful and cool.

Twitter I wasn’t so sure about when I signed up for it. After my first test-drive I didn’t touch it for months. Then about 3 weeks ago, a friend started following me. I decided to get back into the twitter fold and at least commit to it for a while. Twitter, it turns out, is pretty powerful. A twitterer with many followers can soon command a lot of attention. This can lead to opportunities. More important to most people on Twitter is that it acts as a self-designed filter to manage your information flow. If I follow interesting people who have interesting things to say and can direct me to interesting websites, I will spend more time on interesting and less time on bla. This I value a lot.

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